One could understandably be tempted to say that this is new ; that the DAD platform represents a radical shift in how art is seen and enjoyed.

We are of course convinced that there is a certain truth to this; and we look forward to helping build this media, along with the fertile possibilities that come with all new technology, inevitably allowing artists to find light in the cracks, and solutions from problems. What we are ultimately providing is a simple tool... Same as it ever was, whether it be paint in a tube, the daguerreotype or desktop publishing ; the technology afforded by screens, apps and clouds are ultimately at the service of the artist’s prerogative. The Digital here is an enabler, a means to communicate ideas housed in forms as diverse as film, portraiture, formalist abstraction, conceptual postulates, landscape meditations, figurative narration or even concrete poetry.

As we move forward by looking back, it is with great relish, that we look forward.

DAD co-founders Carlos Cardenas & Vincent Justin

Image: DIS / The New Wholesome