Curated by Carlos Cardenas

Fabric of Space

Virtual Reality, 360° video, animation, colour, mute Run Time - 0.52 min An architectural reinterpretation of West Side building at WSA. This piece looks to create a kinetic sculpture that wouldn’t be able to exist outside the virtual reality boundaries. The usage of space as a canvas to develop emotions, to experience a close encounter with impossible shapes, textures and colours. LATS imitates the environment of the gallery and inserts a large scale digital sculpture that disrupts the white cube by creating new visual sensations. * From his formation as an architect, LATS started to experiment with 3D design software exploring generative worlds in search of new aesthetics and phenomenological experiences, yet instead of exploring the exterior, he submerges in the deep dimensions of the virtual microcosms. Starting with the research of the settings and algorithms of virtuality, his artwork focuses in understanding the physical reality that surrounds us and intervening in the latent potential of matter. Installed in the utopia of a limitless computational universe, LATS and the computer co-generate universes inhabited by organisms in constant mutation. In his most recent artworks this living creatures emerge in the dystopic scenario of the metropolitan area of Mexico City.