Curated by Quentin Dubret

You may ask yourself what are these two characters doing here, but they don’t. They’re too busy exploring their surroundings ; touching objects, comparing one to another, expressing their preferences. They show a great interest in all the things that come along their path. By using these cute furry balls as means of expression, I want to take our mind to unfamiliar places, like a semantic and perceptive discrepancy. These two fellas remodel the concept of reality in a way that is not ours, their motivations are different than ours. I want to propose a new frame of reference regarding the world, allowing us to escape -for a little while- from values and categories that are deeply established in ourselves. Yann Vanderme (B.1979 in Grenoble) showed interest in 3D infography before moving to Beaux-Arts de Grenoble. His encounter with Gianni Motti made him discover an unconventional form of performance. After graduating from Beaux-Arts de Cergy, he started exhibiting minimalist scenes and in situ installations in Paris, Tokyo and Geneva. He then focused on fiction, making videos staging puppets that received two awards in 2016 during Jeune Création. His videos depict his taste for the absurd and question our perception of reality.


HD Video - 2015 - 04:20 min


HD Video - 2015 - 07:04 min


HD Video - 2015 - 04:42 min