The Third Memory, 2014

Runningtime 9:31 Born in 1986 & 1954, based in Paris, Santa Monica, and New York, Judith Deschamps works in an era in which reality and virtuality coexist, sometimes to the point of conflation. Since the 70s, her pieces haven't ceased to question the dialogue that is woven between us and the media. Her works are conceived as documentary fictions, and appropriate events to elude them, creating alternative realities. The artist treats reality and her identity as malleable materials. Events become clouded, images and discourses are built and taken apart, and new narratives appear, shedding light on the way in which history is constructed and on the gap between what we are and what makes us. Judith Deschamps first studied theater in the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris 3 where she garnered her first experience working with a company. She then studied scenography coupled with visual and media arts in the University of Quebec in Montreal and in the Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg. After graduating in 2011, she has participated in several international solo and group exhibitions in the Musée National d’Art Moderne -Centre Pompidou of Paris (FR), the Pavillon Vendôme (FR), the Salon of Montrouge (FR), the de Appel Arts Centre (NL), the FRAC Bretagne (FR), the Edouard Manet gallery (FR), The Francès Fondation (FR), the Theater Cartier of Montreal (CA), & The Kunstverein of Freiburg (DE).