16mm film - 2012 - 07:00 min Courtesy LTD Los Angeles The script for Signal, a 7-minute, 16mm film, attempts to narrativize a collection of spam emails gathered over a 3-year period, and is staged in or near “sacred spaces”. The landscape of Pyramid Lake, on the Paiute Indian reservation is populated by 10,000-year-old rock formations, many of which are off limits to the public. They loom in the background as characters banter in the sometimes awkward, sometimes solicitous, sometimes nonsensical dialog of spam. The Black Rock Desert Playa, while vacant most of the year, is home to close to 60,000 people annually during Burning Man. These locations were chosen because they act as both mirror and foil for the internet - at once wastelands and gathering sites for millions of people, while maintaining an ancient physicality that transcends any inhabiting group. Mariah Garnett mixes documentary, narrative and experimental filmmaking practices to make work that accesses existing people and communities beyond her immediate experience. Using source material that ranges from found text to iconic gay porn stars, Garnett often inserts herself into the films, creating cinematic allegories that codify and locate identity. She holds an MFA from Calarts in Film/Video and a BA from Brown University in American Civilization. She has received awards from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation (2015), Sarah Jacobson Film Grant (2015), California Community Fund (2014) and Artadia Los Angeles (2016). She has had solo exhibitions at the Metropolitan Arts Center (Belfast, UK), ltd los angeles (Los Angeles), and Louis B James (New York), and her work has shown at SF MoMA, REDCAT, White Columns, Ann Arbor Film Festival and in the 2014 Made in LA Hammer Biennial. Her work has been written about in Bomb Magazine, Artforum online and in print, The LA Times, Hyperallergic, Girls Like Us, and Art News. She lives and works in Los Angeles.