Schwarm III (Blue), 2014

The software Schwarm is a constantly changing abstract composition running in real time. A collection of particles moves over a surface leaving behind overlapping traces. This results in a sequence of unique Images, whose development is unpredictable. The software analyzes a sequence of images using their color values at their origin, which it then spreads like a brush would spread paint. The paths taken by the individual lines are influenced by deterministic randomness. After a predefined amount of time a new image becomes the source of the composition and all values definining shape and direction of the movement are being reset. The transition between the images happens seamlessly and is barely perceptible watching the software in realtime. The photographs only serve as a source for color and composition. The main focus is the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing composition. Andreas Nicolas Fischer (b. 1982, Munich) concerns himself with the physical manifestation of digital processes and data through generative systems. Through his practice he investigates the effects of technology and automation on society and contemporary art. He is a graduate from the class of professor Joachim Sauter at the Berlin University of the Arts. His work has been shown at museums, galleries and festivals in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Selected exhibitions include “Stadt am Rande” at the Today Art Museum in Beijing (2010), “Locate Me” at Kunstraum Kreuzberg in Berlin, “Seeing / Knowing” at the Graham Gund Gallery in Gambier, Ohio as well as his most recent solo show “NOISE” at Dixit Algorizmi Gallery Berlin (all in 2011). The double show with Charlotte Becket “Coded Landscapes” was shown at the LEAP Berlin in 2012. Recent solo & group shows include 22,48m Paris, the SECCA in North Carolina, the Rua Red Dublin and DAM [Digital Art Museum] Berlin. The artist lives and works in Berlin.