HD Video - 2015 - 04:34 min From its first work in the early 1990s, Kolkoz has constantly gambled – literally and figuratively –with the effects of simulation. Every one of their works is a duality – of a reality, a person or a shape – created by modelization. In its simplest form, simulation is a specific mode of generating illusion, as a way to move between a physical and virtual reality. The artistic work undertaken by Kolkoz is based on activating the powers of representation through the transactions and exchanges that occur between what is virtual and what is real. Transforming the mundane into the hyper-mundane is therefore an esthetic act that has real political impact. First, because improving the powers of reality means that its nature can be profoundly modified through use. Second, transforming the mundane into the hyper-mundane is a gesture in which impact can be viewed as meta- physical, as it incites areflection on the nature of reality. Kolkoz have a network internationally and are known for their artistic practise, interventions in performance, installation, nomadic sculpture and sound. Their performance hosts to the artworld and dance-floors around the world they have invented a language through music and culture that is unparalleled with their social sculpture parties. They have been celebrated for their contribution to contemporary art and social libations and exhibited in Mexico City, Paris, New York, Dubai and participated in a panel discussion on the social aspects of art in a relatively progressive science experiment and sound lecture with Simon De Pury. Represented by Galerie Perrotin (Paris, Hong-Kong, New-York), one of the most influential French galleries in the industry, Kolkoz has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in UCCA Beijing, Wentrup (Berlin), Perrotin (Paris) and OMR (Mexico City) Gallery, at The Museum of Modern Art (Paris), Fondation Ricard, BASS Museum (Miami). Their artwork has been acquired for the collection of public institutions at Beaubourg Centre Pompidou and The Museum of Modern Art of Paris in Paris, France, the Fond National d’́Art Contemporain in Bordeaux, France, and Colección Jumex in Mexico City, Mexico. Their work has also been acquired for private collections in France, England, Mexico, Argentina, and Dubai.