Mountain, 2012

Running time 0:51 With his distinctive, deceptively simple style of ink drawings, Vincent Broquaire finds moments of humor and poignancy in the everyday. In his clean, small-scale works on paper, a cast of tiny humans inhabit a world at once flat and minimalist, yet easily recognizable as our own for the foibles and idiosyncrasies encountered there. Expanding his illustrations into further dimensions, Broquaire has more recently turned to producing books and, most notably, animations, which bring to life witty takes on technology and man’s incursion into nature. In one video, construction equipment relocates an island in the middle of the ocean, while others depict whimsical scenes of his characters draining lakes or struggling with computers. Vincent Broquaire expresses relationships between nature and new technologies, at the center of which Man imposes himself as the great decision maker and manipulator. Landscape plays a driving role in his work, it is considered as a technical construction that Man transforms according to his needs and whims. The artist thus builds a critical understanding, fed with irony and poetry, of Man and his insatiable need to control his environment. He analyzes the mechanisms of a system allowing “Man to play God.” A system translated by drawing, where the real and the fictional merge.