Haunted Houses

16mm films - 2012 - 09:00 min Coutesey Kai Matsumiya I have been living in Spanish Harlem since 1997, a period where most of the New York city has seen massive re-development and gentrifications. Third Avenue between 99th and 120th street has not seen much change since and houses are not only boarded up but even 'bricked up' for many decades. The reasons are complex but real estate speculations, mismanagement and general distrust in the neighborhood are overwhelmingly to blame. 'Haunted houses" refers to vacant buildings in Spanish Harlem as mentioned in a New York Times article by a housing advocate. According to this article "one of four low-rise residential buildings on avenues or major cross streets in East Harlem had open stores but sealed-up residential floors." This results in thousands of lost housing unites, lost residents and lost revenues for the neighborhood. Thus, East Harlem suffers from a sense of normalcy and a lack of residential vitality. From an aesthetic point of view this inaction offers the beautiful spectacle of a time capsule and caters to all the negative prejudices this neighborhood has suffered so much from. Rainer Ganahl is a New-York based who has been shown internationally including the Venice Biennial ( 1999, 2007, 2009 ), the Shanghai Biennial (2008), and then Athens Biennial (2013). Recent Solo Exhibitions include Manhattan Marxism (De Vleeshal in Middleberg, Neterhlands 2015), Artists: Recent Photographs from My Seminar/Lectures Series at Kai Matsumiya (New York, New York 2015) , SWISS JARRY at Hacienda (Zurich, Switzerland 2014), and Commes Des Marxists at White Columns (New York 2013). Additionally, Ganahl is currently preparing solo exhibitions at Barbara Weiss Gallery (Berlin, 2016), Green Gallery (Milwaukee, 2016), and at Kai Matsumiya (New York, 2016).