Behind: Øndskapstrand, 2015

Chloe Wise’s Behind offers a comedic blurring between reality and fiction. Set in Boca Raton, Florida, the video follows Wise and Norwegian snowboarder Mikkel Bang as they perform the roles of a newly-formed Norwegian black metal band, Ondskapstrand. Sliding between biography and theatricality, Wise toys with our expectation of millennial flippancy and her irresolute branding as an artist, all the while insisting on occupying non-sequitur and clashing realities. The images and recitations in Behind never fully meld; Wise dons corpsepaint in pools and on the beach, her parents (said to be funding the project) appear alongside her while the lyrics and documentary suggests Wise’s contempt for them, and Bang and Wise, in the guise of Ondskapstrand, complain regularly of their lobster meals and brands of water offered at the Standard Hotel. Behind generates a surplus of meaning, with multiple conflicting identities converging onto Wise who gallantly performs this symbiosis of personas.