Ancient Future Discovery I, 2016

Augmented reality app, printed textile (please note the video seen on DAD is not artist's contribution) The discovery a future ruin, a place that once saw human activity and has become an empty space which still has a hold on human aesthetics. Nature takes over everything, the green reign commands and shapes the new interactions between the real world with the virtual world. A sculpture that the audience can explore and inhabit, in a similar fashion of Pre-hispanic archaeological sites, this piece plays with the idea of what’s been human-made and the choices we don’t seem to make once we send our creations free to live in the wild. * Salvador Loza is a new media artist, DJ and writer. He explores distortions of reality in technology, human behaviour, architecture, politics, and art history. His work has been exhibited in blogs like Cloaque.org and in countries like Canada, Italy, México, England, U.S, France and Germany. In 2014 he started a 3D net art gallery called VNGRAVITY that pushes the limits of the white cube exhibitions making new virtual spaces every show. Work Reviews in: Creators Project, La Tempestad, Vice, Revista Código, ARTE (Germany & France) Hyperallergic, Prosthetic Knowledge, among others.