Made You Come Here, 2016

This online healing experience offers unconditional care while creating relaxing tingling sensations through its ASMR nature. ASMR with its generosity and intimacy is in contrast with how we live in our culture, as disconnected strangers. Made You Come Here is a charismatic contemporary insta-treatment for our common anxiety caused by our shared global challenges. “Made You Come Here reflects on our emotional connection with the screen.“ - Pinar Demirdag “This work reveals our weaknesses and deep desires for connection.” - Viola Renate Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate are a visual artist duo from Amsterdam and Istanbul, now working in Paris for the last 2 years. We are image makers, passionate about mastering visual codes. In our pieces, we use the power, the beauty and the charm of the image to make people overcome certain prejudices. In our works, we alter reality by generating aestheticized rebellious messages. These visuals translate into custom-tailored, highly aesthetic images, fashion prints, digital paintings, catwalk decor and videos which embody fine craftsmanship and masterful design.  We have previously worked with : IKEA, MTV, Koché / Paris Fashion Week, Nicola Formichetti, Nike, Adidas, Diplo, Bols Genever, Bloomberg Businessweek, New Museum NYC, Dazed and Confused, the City of Paris and the Stedelijk Museum