If We Come Back, 2015

"If We Come Back" is an attempt to connect mimesis with narrative. The meta aesthetic is filmed with a flip camera off of a monitor screen as I fast forward through footage of Cai Guo-Qiang blowing up the front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art accompanied by a field recording of Phil Kline's Unsilent Night that I took part in with Max, walking around with all the other revelers playing a cassette tape of chimes and recording the moving symphony with a radio shack cassette deck.  The cheap tech and ramshackle productions are important to this piece, it about imitating and taking part and creating your own stories and growing with whatever means you have available. Tyler Kline is an artist & curator who received his BA in Anthropology and Sculpture from Portland State University and a MFA in Installation and Sculpture from The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts. He has curated shows at: Atlanta’s Moving Spirits Gallery, Portland’s Martial Arts Gallery, Zeitgeist and Disjecta, as well as Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Little Berlin, Crux Space, and The University of the Arts. A Strong believer in the power of Art to revitalize communities and bring about social change; he is fascinated by playing with the porous boundaries between painting, video, sculpture, performance, and printmaking. Kline’s curatorial work braids Visual Anthropology with cross disciplinary aesthetics, with an interest in emerging media and scientific cross pollination. Furthermore, Kline is a visual artist who has created installations in Portland, Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia, and exhibited at the Rebeka Templeton Cont., Little Berlin, MASS MoCA, Vox Populi, The Delaware Art Museum, Dumbo Art Center, The Armory, NYC, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia., Washington County Museum of Fine Art, The University of The Arts, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Portland State Univeristy, The Savannah College of Art and Design, New Bedford Art Museum, The Goethe Institute of San Francisco, and Disjecta. He currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and children.