Raw Data NYC, 2015

Caroline Bénech was born in 1980 in Paris. She obtained a Masters in Graphic Arts from the ESAG Penninghen (Paris) in 2003, following studies at Académie Julian. While expanding her personal practice as a visual artist, she spent several years between France and China (Shanghai and Hong-Kong), developing projects with luxury brand companies interested in her plural creative expression. Her ability to flourish artistically in very diverse environments and cultures allows her to collaborate with architects and decorators, whether on commissions or site specific projects. As she began to experiment with new media, Caroline has proven sensitive to the energy of urban universes and she travels widely to collect her own samples, through SLR photography, smartphone, videos and sound takes in such environments. Her work focuses on recordings of reality transformed with filters and superimposed colored graphics. Often initially figurative, her work evolves into an uncluttered stream of expression symbolized by harmony between planes, colors and textures. Through this approach she shows a constant interest for the sensory perception of light and space.