Subversive Eco Coin Proposal, 2014

Runtime 2:50 Ella Görner (b. 1989), was born in Dresden, Germany and now lives and works in Berlin and Dresden, Germany. In 2015/16 she is the holder of the fellowship of the German state. She co-curated the #WEC, The Whole Earth Catalyst with Ché Zara Blomfield, which was held at The Composing Rooms, Berlin in April and Mai 2015. Recent Solo- and Group projects include Hypersalon, Miami (US); Sustainability & Opportunities at the Konstanet Gallery, Tallin (EST); and Kunstverein Nassau, Wiesbaden, (GER). The subject of Ella Görner’s work resonates from an amalgamation of an investigation in environmental studies, financial systems, technological development and cultural and social studies. Her current course seeks for cross-disciplinary research and investigation into contributional management to generate ambitious ways of conceiving alternative structures outside of current legal and discursive systems. Her aesthetic work combines corporate identity with narrative and subjective or symbolic imagery. Her projects include Eco Coin, which is an effort to establish a collaboratively used tool to collect and share thoughts and impulses for a modern and adaptive financial system. The project Eco Coin is currently in is initiation stage and will evolve in the course of the next years. Recent work as it was shown in her co-curation of the #WEC – The Whole Earth Catalyst at The Composing Rooms, Berlin (GER) and in Sustainability & Opportunities at the Konstanet Gallery, Tallin (EST) addresses the visuality and placement of eco-innovative products and is investigating into prevailing prototypes of corporational structures. She examines eco activism, the power of eco innovation and how the conditions of visuality and human connection to nature are changing over the course of time.