Les Temps Modernes, 2010

Runningtime 8:53 The work of Paul Souviron brings together a set of practices related to research and the creation of spaces, gaps, landscape or scenes. In the first place, the referred gap is a mental space; a physical form in the second place, a potential territory, unconquered, governed by nonexistent rules. Each sculpture, performance or installation aims to create an atmosphere, a scene to stroll in and project oneself. The very idea of a scene is linked to fiction, to the possibility of another place. It connects architecture with the volumes and shapes that power our daily lives. Each piece is shaped in its own way, as suspended in time, creating a snapshot that encapsulates the past and the future. Paul Souviron’s work reflects on many concepts such as space, scale, animality, danger and territories. He grafts them together, emphasizing the often hostile and retro-futuristic environment presented in his works. All productions evoke our contemporary stage of siege, a war in which action is always latent. Landscape is seen as a permanent movement, which re-emerges in history, and is inhabited by so called humans and animals … a landscape where interactions gives way to frustration.