Test of a found Samsung LE32R32B LCD TV, 2011

Runningtime 24:30 Torben Ribe makes paintings. He makes sculptures. He makes so many different things that they make up small environments and sometimes big environments. Sometimes his paintings seem to get lost in the process. In one work he places a tree in front of a painting. In another work he installs a magazine rack on top of a painting. In a third piece he hangs a blue bag with an iPhone magazine on top of a blue painting, hung on top of a blue square painted directly on the wall. Maybe Torben Ribe lets his paintings disappear in his small environments. Maybe it is just another way to make painting appear in and as an environment. Some paintings seem to anticipate a certain situation - for instance when people take pictures with their iPhone of his paintings with iPhone magazines. Other paintings look like the left-overs of a given situation – cut-outs of walls from people’s homes. They recall the failures of a bricoleur, who wants to restore his or her house and ends up restoring restorations and re-decorating decorations. But they might also be traces of the failures of Torben Ribe - failures so neatly staged that they might as well be successful. It is not easy to evaluate Torben Ribe’s works. Among others because his work is not entirely his work. Not only because he uses found objects. Also because he puts paintings of his colleague Mads Lindberg on top of his own paintings. But also because it is sometimes difficult to see, where his own work begins and ends. Before one of Torben Ribe’s paintings were hung, the radiator below this painting was not there – unlike, for instance, the ceiling above the painting, which was already there. Torben Ribe’s works can be seen as small environments. They can also be seen as environments in environments. Toke Lykkeberg Torben Ribe (1978, DK) has a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He has among others exhibited at Grand Century (New York), MonCheri (Brussels), TOVES (Copenhagen), Elizabeth Dee (New York), National Gallery of Iceland (Reykjavik), Frutta Gallery (Rome), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen), Galerie Hussenot (Paris), Royal College of Art (London), KUMU Art Museum of Estonia (Tallinn) and West (The Hague). He is co-founder of the artist-run space IMO in Copenhagen.