HD Video - 2017 - 10:04 min «Immaturity is not always innated or imposed by the others. It exists also an immaturity towards which the culture tipped over, when it overcomes when we don’t manage to rise up. We are infantilized by any kind of superior form. Human beings, troubled by his mask, will make for himself secretly a kind of subculture : a world built with the rubbish of the cultural superior world, territory of junk, prebubescent myths, unconfessed passions...secondary territory, of compensation.» Witold Gombrowicz, Foreword in «The Pornography», on 1962. Cécile Bicler’s video, are taken in a game of domino, coherence broken by the fact that half of the domino calls it an other one in a contingent way. Why a six is next to a four, who will end the double which is next to a three? Images of horror movies, images of advertising, family photos or found on Facebook are so many halves of the images-domino, which follow each other by the decision to put the same gesture with an other one who looks like him: hide his face or raise an arm, hug somebody or tilt the head to the back. It is the ordinary jumble of the poses, the movements, the attitudes, cleaned up in a game where gestures become masks.