Triptych on the melancholy after the Anthropocene, 2016

Video, colour, sound, image rendering Run time 2.19 min A dystopic view inside a world where machines have taken over and nature grows free around them. A breath of fresh air, a passionate story about life after subscribing to the idea of common knowledge. A new way of shaping society without consumption, a new way of interaction that can’t hide any in deep thoughts. The Chtulhucene era where machines learn from what has been left behind. * Artist and creator of Uncurated, initiative that has looks for creating contexts of mixed reality, design experiences and speculate about what's coming after the digital era that's about to end; co-founder of Vngravity, 3D digital gallery that creates virtual landscapes regularly; and ambassador and part of the curatorial team of the global biennale The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale. His artwork has been presented in spaces in China, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. He has also been featured in magazines and journals such as 益舒雜誌 Yi-Shu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art / ARTCO China, The Creators Project, R-U-IN?S, Eco Futurism Corporation, Art F City, Fractal, Ibero 90.9, Thvndermag, La Tempestad, Revista Código, Metapolítica The Future of Storytelling, Hyperallergic, Trust Magazine London-Akoya Books, New Media Caucus, Rhizome, Notimex, and others.