Exist, 2016

Video, color, mute Run time 5.00 min Life, death, the meaning of the self these are the themes surrounding this visual experience that dives into the intimacy of the artist. Mónica is interested in communicating her most deep, dark feelings through her artwork. In a very subtle way she creates a proper atmosphere to talk about identity, death and the complex path of life. How social media influences our decisions and how we interact with the so-called real world afterwards. * Graduated from the Bachelor in Digital Art and Multimedia Business in Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey (CEDIM). Mónica has focused her personal production in the use of virtual platforms. Taking as inspiration the internet's aesthetics and filtering them through a delicate and incisive eye is how the artist has developed most of her artwork. The details inside every single one of her pieces have made clear that she doesn't focus in one particular topic, instead she gives each of her pieces a particular essence that works as an individual tale. From 3D modelling, going through digital video and also collage is how these artists shows us her most intimate thoughts. With colours, shapes and scenarios she manages to consolidate a series of micro universes that contain life. Her first solo exhibition was MONADIC-NOMADIC, curated by Francisco Benítez, which was integrated by projects that refer back to the definition of the post-human, as well as a wide range of questions that revolve around digital identity and its effects over the multiple perceptions we have of what's real and what's digital. She's currently living and working in Monterrey, Mexico and she keeps expanding her artwork to unknown paths that adopt the shape of a recurrent thought that will later become lines walking towards new horizons.