Alice & Bob Love Son, 2016

Digital Video, 2 Channels, Colour, Sound, extracts from Schneier's Applied Cryptography Run time - 9.05 min A Zero Knowledge Proof is a cryptographic protocol that stablishes a method to proof that a certain statement is correct, without showing anything else than the veracity of the declaration. Alice and Bob resemble a conversation between two machines that need to set ground in a common point. The flow of information that seems to create a constant steam of subjective entities that won’t manage to speak the same language. An ode to language and everything that lies in between, everything that might get lost in translation. * His artistic practice focuses in the imminent disorientation of the viewer facing massive consumption contents; generating artworks with mixed temporalities inside the spectrum of what's real and what's virtual. He studied the Bachelor in Arts in La Esmeralda and curatorial studies in the San Carlos Academy, Mexico. His artwork has been featured in various exhibitions such as: Uncurated, Mexican Pavilion inside The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale (Mexico City, 2015), Ways of Something III, Photographer’s Gallery (London, 2015), Everything is connected, Green is Gold (Copenhaguen, 2014), VNGRAVITY, Museo Universitario del Chopo (Mexico City, 2014), Reprise, Casa Maauad (Mexico City, 2013), Winter is Coming, NETER (Mexico City, 2013), Re-cover, Casa del Lago (Mexico City, 2011) and Work in Progress, The Ivan Gallery (Calgary, 2010). Inside his curatorial work, we can find a series of exhibitions such as Bearsation (2011) and Disenchanted Flesh (2014) in the Museum of Cuernavaca, México. He was awarded the first edition of the Adidas Border scholarship and his artwork is part of the collection of the Alberta College of Art, Canada.