HD Video - 2012 - 16:08 min Courtesy of China Art Objects Galleries Skirting the existential for the self-referential, "The Title is a Drawing" is a series of peripheral conversations between two dust clods. Like a stranger tripping on cracks in the sidewalk, the ad-hoc immediacy of this micro-performance stumbles and stutters towards near face plants. In a way, it feels as if one is witnessing a joke narrating its own ill-formed mitosis - the act of creation decidedly present as these characters weave speckled threads of dialogue along pubic hair suspension lines. À la Beavis and Butthead, the intended audience seems to only ever consist of 2; the rest of us just get to watch. Marc Horowitz (b. 1976) is a Los Angeles-based artist working in painting, performance, video, photography, and social practice. In a practice that combines traditional drawing, commercial photography, and new media, Horowitz turns American culture on its head to explore the idiosyncrasies of entertainment, class, commerce, failure, success, and personal meaning. Using visual puns, large-scale participatory projects, and viral social pranks, Horowitz creates environments of high energy that lift the most mundane to the status of grand event in complex interplays between subject, viewer, and participant. Horowitz holds a master’s degree in Art from the University of Southern California, and bachelor’s degrees in both Art and Marketing from San Francisco Art Institute, and Indiana University Kelley School of Business respectively. Horowitz has had solo exhibitions at China Art Objects in Los Angeles, The Depart Foundation in Los Angeles, Johannes Vogt in New York, The Hayward Gallery in London, and at New Langton Arts in San Francisco. He received a project grant from Creative Time for their first online-based project. His work has been featured extensively on local and national television including ABC News, NPR Weekend Edition, CBS Inside Edition CBS, CNN American Morning, and on NBC’s The Today Show. He has lectured at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California Institute of the Arts, Stanford University, and Yale University. He has taught at the University of Southern California and developed a course in Post-Internet Art at Otis College with his partner, Petra Cortright.