Bambi in Chernobyl

HD Video - 2013/14 - 13:26 min Courtesy LETO with music by Franck Krawczyk Chernobyl is a no man’s land since the nuclear disaster of 1986. Since then, nature seems to have regained its footing: fauna and flora have developed on the site, slowly invading the ruins of a world abandoned by men and transformed by the artist in a dreamlike world, suspended between reality and fiction that awakens childish fears. The artist drew on the film Bambi (1942) and asked composer Franck Krawczyk to create an original piece whose effect would be as familiar as it would be uncanny. Angelika Markul b. 1977, lives and works between France and Poland. 
She gratuated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2004. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Angelika Markul sets up a corpus of dark and powerful works, drawing a map of humanity in its most remote territories. The time, memory, man and nature are guiding lines for this artist who is particularly interested in not common and deserted landscapes. Her practice navigates between video, sculpture and installation, bringing a look both poetic and plastic on hazardous or conflictual situations. Not hesitating to go to places where death struck and where the danger is still there ( Fukushima, Tchernobyl, Baghdad, etc), she shows trough her videos natural disasters or catastrophes attributable to humans and crosses that with immemorial questions. She is the winner of the SAM Art Projects Prize 2012 and PRIX COAL 2016