A Short Coma

SD Vidéo - 2015 - 06:03 minutes Courtesy Kristen Lorello Other credits: Director- Josh Slater Editor- Michael Dart Wadsworth Score- Jeremy Kelly Featuring- Ernesto Burgos A Short Coma features original footage shot by Josh Slater in locations varying form Malibu, California, to Queens, New York.  Images act as visions and dreams that rip, dance, melt, tear, and dissolve in the protagonist's mind.  The video is book-ended by the face of the male protagonist melting and then in the end reforming as if nothing happened to him, suggesting that these visuals were a passing day dream. Slater used basic green screen technology and the ability to intentionally trick his computer into creating glitches, errors, and break-downs in the video.  This was in itself somewhat uncontrollable.  It is also the way that Slater was able to create the effect of some images appearing as if they are melting or falling apart.  He also treated video as if it were paper in a collage, layering it,crumpling it, and even tearing certain images in half.