HD video - ongoing - 19:44 min D.^^.$.®. (Dance.Music.Sex.Romance) is an ongoing and continually expanding multi-channel video project exploring how the digital environment, both as an interface but moreover as a form of reconstructing and publicising our intimate experiences, directly influences our image of self and the implications this ego-theism has on romantic and erotic relationships. For Glassbox, D.^^.$.®. has been edited into a single channel. Samuel Fouracre (b. 1977, UK) completed an MFA at Royal College of Art (London) in 2009. He lives and works in London. Samuel Fouracre’s practice incorporates installation, sculpture and performance with a predominant focus on video. Fouracre’s video work combines live studio shooting with CG environments to question the autonomy of self and the construction and (sometimes delusionary) conviction of gender self-image. Recently his work has taken the form of what he loosely terms ‘non sequitur’ film-making. This technique references the formula of movie trailers and pop videos where the narrative is suggested by short, seemingly unconnected fragments. As such the work suggests, but remains non-committal, to any direct narrative arc. Recent screenings and group shows include: Moscow International Experimental film Festival (Moscow); Sin(timate) City, Bedlam Film Festival, (Edinburgh); I Do Care but I Don’t Understand, BBKL, (Leipzig): Addis Video Art Festival, (Addis Ababa); Internationales Kurzfilm Festival (Hamburg); Tele-novela, AcreTV, online and Mana Contemporary (Chicago).