HD video, color, sound - 2016 - 05:56 min «How strangely does providence mingle for us mortals joy and sorrow in one cup.» These spoken lines from Thomas Mann’s The Holy Sinner (1951) introduce Sam Tierney’s Bottomlessness, picturing a cocktail of passions for those who will die. Fate, love, the grip of urgency and the release of pleasure pull us through a collage of scenes shot in London, Los Angeles and New York over the past 12 months. Movements between mental states of awe or daze and physical sensations of entry or flight inflect close observations of people and things in the cities from a paradoxical, edited distance. In a reflected movement, night and day interpenetrate as smoke and vapour. Indeed it is such a diffusion and suspension in air that this replacing, embroidered memory aims to become. Sam Tierney (b. 1988, US) is an artist currently living and working in London. He received a BFA from New York University in 2010 and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (London) in 2015. Pareidolia is the recognition of a stimulus, visual or aural, as a familiar pattern where none ’actually exists’. Seeing a face in a cloud, hearing one’s name in an echo – such examples are potent not in their capacity to confound but in the clarity of their confabulation. Sam Tierney’s videos, sculptures and drawings seek to channel this potency, finding distortion (of memory, of intention) in the reflection and marking transparent confrontations with the opacity of recurrence. Recent exhibitions include : Lacuna, Margate Festival (Margate, UK) ; Maudlin Ecstasy, Fat Relic (London), Dirty Wellness, Atelier-ksr (Berlin) ; Made it Work, Sam Parker Projects (NYC) ; Let us know, Really !, 3236rls (London) ; We me at the far end of the landscape and both acted shy, Grünerlokka Kunsthall and Podium (Olso), Friction, Dig (London), Hakka, The Notary Public (NYC). In 2015, he co-curated with Philippe Darendinger Pause Patina at Camden Art Centre (London). He will have a solo exhibition at Almanac (London) in early 2017.