HD video - 2014 - 04:53 min «SHOOT juxtaposes footage of faces in a crowd at the ploughing championships with audio recorded at a fashion shoot. The unobtrusive camera shakes violently with faces almost imperceptibly passing through the frame until the footage slows to reveal a revelatory gaze, intimately illustrating different states; a resentment towards having their image recorded, being trapped within a crowd or their working conditions. Audio from the conflicting social space of the fashion shoot collides with this footage while being simultaneously synced with events unfolding on screen. Navigating between these places, different subjectivities are revealed; the fair in relation to the interior space of the subject, the gap between the subject and the camera and the space between the viewer and the screen.» Mathilde Ganancia (b. 1988, Paris) is an artist working in Paris. After graduating from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, she goes to live and work in London to assist artist Nils Norman and collaborate on video projects. With installations, texts, paintings and videos, Mathilde Ganancia has developed an eclectic body of work where certain paradoxes of our time are performed and critiqued. Adjusting herself to contexts and some positions she observes in our society, she tests and infiltrates them, exaggerating the behaviors, in order to extract from it complex and potentially polemical realities. Mathilde Ganancia’s work has been shown in several venues such as Wexford Art Center (Irlande) in 2014, Galerie Nord, Musée Eugène Delacroix (Paris), Space Gallery (Liège), Galleria Continua – Les Moulins (Boissy Le Chatel). In 2016 she is a resident artist at Skowheganjs (Maine).