Mazal Grotte

HD video - 2015 - 06:10 min Lively music, good family feelings, warm up act. Small theatre of a dictatorship of hapiness. Blocked in this infernal Bar Mitzvah, each character becomes the passive spectator of his own condition. David Perreard (b. 1990, Paris) graduated from Villa Arson (Nice) in 2015 after studying at FAMU (School of cinema, Prague) in 2013. His practice ranges from videos, collaborative projects and magic shows. David Perreard makes short videos he stages as a puppeteer. Narratives inspired by everyday situations of which one would be the unexpected viewer. Micro-stories associated with various visual tricks that can pass from the oldest to the most modern techniques. David Perreard assembles techniques to create both embarassing and fragile situations that question with humor the (menaced) place of the individual in society and his (uncertain) sense of belonging to different communities. His work has been shown in group shows in Paris, Nice (Villa Arson, La Station, le Dojo), Marseille (Triangle France, Art-O-Rama) and at the Videoformes festival (Clermond Ferrand).