I Know You're Gonna Want Me

HD Video - 2015 - 15:56 min I wanted to make a film about the contemporary nature of Knossos an ancient Minoan site . On visiting several times I was delightfully disturbed by the plastic nature of the ‘reconstruction’ of parts of the site by Arthur Evans in the early 20th Century and too reminded of the work of Adolf Loos. The outcome is a visual and aural essay that uses computer generated drawings, footage found in my father’s cupboards and a soundtrack that take samples from different genres. Through drawing and collaging what became most important was the psychology and physicality inherent in the timeless process and wavering structure of myth-making. Whether the myth be ancient or modern, it exists even after adulteration, and can only exist because of this. It is presented through glimpses of a multi layered palimpsest where origin and meaning become unfixed leaving interpretation to remain open. What unites is a nihilistic hedonism that goes full circle as fantasies continually override original principles. Izzy McEvoy’s videos are animated using computer generated drawings, found footage and soundtracks sampled from popular music and films. They are fragmented yet meditative essays that rely on the non- verbal poetics of imagery and space to mediate the transcendence of structures within anthropology and architecture. Interested in the figures involved in the rewriting of history such as architects and archaeologists, Izzy McEvoy finds a breaking point where well intended principles succumb to desire. It is here that Izzy McEvoy begins to rewrite alongside the now broken heroes as she reuses old material and invents new. No longer an innocent bystander she attempts to unravel fixed origins that unfurl into perpetual effect, mutating along with the course of time. Recent exhibitions include: The Power of Now at Art, Lacuna (London); They Shake the Mountains when they Dance, Chalton Gallery (London) ; Mix Realities, Zona De Desgaste (Mexico City); Automated, Chalton Gallery, (London); Sargassum, The Dolphin, (London); Deal Pier Arts Festival (Kent); Overseers, Dyson Lecture Theatre, RCA (London); Fig-2 with The White Review, ICA (London); Pause Patina, Camden Arts Centre (London); Latching Firm, Camden Arts Centre (London); Oslobs, Podium (Oslo).