Animation - 2016 - 07:24 min BATTHEY is a short animation that utilizes looped 3D animation and gaming software navigating a quarter life crisis the character appeals to our own need to face our shadow selves. Who’s become what’s, eager to touch outside reality’s messy dynamics. Aniexty narrates a tumultuous state of being. Laura O’Neill (b.1990, Wigan, UK) is currently a resident artist at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Amsterdam). She has also been selected for VISIO – European Programme on Artists’ Moving Images 2016. Working simultaneously in a variety of media—video, sculpture, sound, and poetry - in each case there is a dynamic tension between the intrinsic transformative states of matter. Casting simple enquiries on form and feeling; the only stable view of the work is that of change itself. This energy is timely modulated and heightened through sound, imagery and the inclusion of found &/or crafted objects. The works are distinguished by their fascination with the fragility of experience and the body. Laura O’Neill has presented her work in such venues as : Wysing Arts Centre, (Cambridge) ; Composite (Brussels) ; ICA Film Biennale, Focal Point Gallery’s Big Screen (Southend-on-Sea) ; Bikini Wax (Mexico City) ; ICA (London) ; Camden Art Centre (London) ; Baltic 39 (Newcastle) ; Liverpool Biennale ; Spike Island (Bristol) and a recent film commission from Mexico City Metro, 2015.